How to Manage Permissions to a User

This article includes steps on How to Manage Permissions to a User Prior to Inviting Them.

  1. Navigate to the User icon in the upper right and click Users.
  2. In the left side column, check the boxes next to the roles that you want the user to have.

The available roles are:


  • If you leave all the boxes unchecked, the only leads that the user will see are those that are assigned to them.
  • You can also manage permissions to a user after they have been invited. To do this, go to the Users page and click Manage button beside the email of the user that you want to manage permissions for.
  • The permissions that you assign to a user will determine what they can do in your system. For example, if you assign a user the Owner role, they will have full access to all features and data.

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