The User Dashboard

The user dashboard is used to by your users to help them keep on track and have everything they need right at their fingertips. In this tutorial you will see what each part of the user dashboard represents and its features as well as a video showing exactly how it works. Please be aware that the user dashboard works on a per user basis and will only show you items you are assigned to.

A great way to ensure the right user is always assigned to the right lead is by using status automations. If you are unsure on how to set up status automations you can find a tutorial here.

As you can see the user dashboard has quite a few sections, each of which representing a different key part of Forefront.

The first section found in the top left is your inbox. Here you can see if you have any responses or new leads in your inbox and exactly how many if you do. Getting to your inbox is just as easy, all you have to do is click one of the inbox boxes and you will be sent to the inbox immediately.

Next is the appointment section found in the bottom left of the page. Here you will find a calendar displaying any appointments you may have for the current month along with a link to the lead the meeting is about.

Next is the largest part of the dashboard, the pipeline, found directly in the middle of the screen. This sections is actually comprised of three separate columns. The first is the “contact not made” column, here you will find any leads that you are assigned to in a contact not made status that are due later the same day or are past due. Next is the “Past due active” column, here you will find any past due leads in an active status. Last is the “Follow up: column. This column is similar to the first column as it will display leads in a follow up status that are due later the same day or are already past due.

The final part of the user dashboard is the task section, found on the right side of the dashboard. In this section you can use the arrows to select different days and see exactly what tasks need to be done that day. You can also view any tasks that may be past due by selecting the back arrow while on the current days date.