The Funnel

The funnel can be a very useful tool for keeping track of your business and ensuring that leads are properly making their way through your system.

The main purpose of the funnel is to track how well campaigns are performing.  The funnel breaks down the ‘cost per’ of all the steps along the funnel for each campaign.  This way campaign performance can be compared.

Please note that your funnel has filters that allow you to view specific campaigns so, if you are having trouble finding a certain campaign in your funnel please make sure it is checked in the filter selection found in the top right.

Below you can see the Forefront funnel, as you can see it looks a lot like a real funnel being bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom.

forefront crm funnel graphic

You can see which each row represents on the left side of the screen, for example the 3rd row represents all leads that have had an appointment set on them. In order for a lead to move to the next row it must fulfil the rows conditions, please note that this should happen naturally as you use Forefront and should only become a concern if you notice your funnel is not properly reflecting your business.

Below are all columns and the conditions required for a lead to appear in that column.

Row 1 – New Leads – Any and all new leads will be present in this row no matter what.

Row 2 – Qualified leads – The only leads that will not be present here are leads that are currently in a non lead status.

Row 3 – Appointment set – Only leads that have had an appointment set at some point whether it has already passed or not will display here.

Row 4 – Offer made – Leads that have had a buying offer made will appear in this row.

Row 5 – Offer accepted – Only leads that have an accepted date selected in their buying info section will appear here.

Row 6 – Contract – Similar to the previous row leads will only appear here if they have a date selected for contract date in their buying info.

Row 7 – Purchased – Much like the previous 2 rows a lead must have a closing date in their buy info to appear here.

Row 8 – Completed – This is the final row and will more than likely be your smallest. Only leads that are in a completed status will appear in this row.

If you are concerned that your funnel is not working correctly then please send an email to [email protected].