Monthly account stats

You will now be able to view your accounts monthly stats from inside Forefront. There are a variety of stats in this view, each of which will be touched upon in this document and will be discussed in the video at the end.

At the very top of your account stats you will find your leads and deals graph. This graph will give you a more physical view of how well your business is doing.

As you can see the graph is made up of 3 separate lines, you can find the key for these lines at the top of the graph. The grey line represents each and every lead that enters your system, the green line represents all completed deals, and the blue line represents completed deals that came from a follow up.

After your lead and deal graph you can find a few more monthly KPI’s including your total actual profit for the month, your total campaign spending for the month, and even the cost per qualified lead.

All KPI’s shown will update as you make changes in Forefront and they even show how they have changed compared to the previous month!

Next is your active and completed deals list. This list will show you all of your active and completed deals for the month as well as a few notable stats from each lead.

The active deals list is populated by leads that are marked as deals but have not yet been moved to a completed status while the completed deals list is populated by leads that are marked as deals and are in a completed status. The address’ of each lead also act as links leading to the actual lead in your Forefront allowing for easy access.

Finally at the bottom of the page you will find your user accountability list. Here you can see exactly how well each of your users are performing and whether or not something is being missed.