This will show you up to date information and stats to keep track of what’s going on in your workspace

The stats section is your key to success providing you the ability to keep track of your performance where are you doing good and where you are not, this allow you to further improve wherever you deem fit.

The stats section provides you 3 options that you can keep track of.

  • Leads and Deals
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Funnel

To access your Stats, click on stats found on the left hand pane.

Once you are inside stats you will find the 3 options mentioned previously.

Leads and Deals

You will find a birds eye view of you performance for specified time ranges:

Things that you will see:

  • Leads all time: All Leads that have not been marked trashed or dead
  • Leads last 30 days– Leads that were created in the last 30 days and have not been marked trashed or dead
  • Deals last 30 days– Leads that have been marked as deals for the last 30 days
  • Deals all-time– All leads that have been marked as a deal
  • Deals from Follow Up last 30 days– Leads marked as a deal in the last 30 days and have been in at least one follow-up.
  • Deals from Follow Up all-time– All leads marked as a deal and have been in at least one follow-up
  • Lead to Deal Conversion last 90 days– Number of leads marked as a deal, divided by the total number of active leads created within the last 90 days
  • Lead to Deal Conversion all-time– Number of leads marked as deal divided by the total number of active leads created.


Filter your KPI’s

Your KPI’s can filtered, weekly and monthly, and Filter it by campaign with specified weeks or month

Aside from changing the Filters for your KPI’s there are other things that you can do!

KPI’s provide you reports for:

  • Goals
  • Average
  • Today
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

Set Goals Per Stat

You can set goals for each specified stat, if you do not wish for a goal, just place 0 in it.

Clicking on the underlined numbers allows you to drill down further and see the leads that came in.

Here are the specified stats available in Forefront:
  • New Leads
  • Leads created by 1st-time callers
  • Leads created by 1st-time texters
  • Leads created by Webhooks
  • Leads created manually
  • Leads w/ Appointment
  • Leads w/ Offers Made
  • Leads w/ Offers Accepted
  • Leads w/ Contracts
  • Total Appointments Set
  • Appointments Cancelled by Us
  • Appointments Cancelled by Contact
  • Deals Purchased
  • Projected Profit
  • Actual Profit
  • Deals Sold
  • Deals Rented
  • Added to Follow Up
  • Total Calls
  • Total Texts
  • Total Answered Calls
  • Total Inbound Calls
  • Total Inbound Texts
  • Total Missed Calls
  • Total Outbound Calls
  • Total Outbound Texts
  • Average Call Duration


(Note: Costs, leads and other details will based on what is leads were tagged for that campaign and the cost placed inside the campaign when created)

The Funnel provides a more details view of your campaigns performance through numbers, percentages and with a graphical representation.

This provide you details for each of your campaign as follows:

  • Total Cost
  • Total Projected Profit
  • Total Actual Profit
  • ROI
  • Not a Lead
  • In Follow Up
  • Dead Deals
Filtering your Funnel

You can filter your funnel through different time frames and also specify campaigns that you want to view.

(Important note: for the filters to function correctly ensure that you Filter your funnel with the campaigns you want to view in your funnel)

You can also drill down through the specific Funnel details:

  • Not a Lead
  • In Follow Up
  • Dead Deals

Aside from Drilling down on those items, you can also drill down in the graph if you have one, some or all your campaigns selected.

Hovering over the Graph provides you a quick glance of the contents and percentages.

Clicking on the graph makes the quick glance sticky.

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