Utilizing Task Templates and Task Automation

In this article, we will help you understand how to use task templates and and incorporate it in the Pipeline Settings automation for managing your tasks.

Overview of Task Templates and Tags

To find your task settings you will need to proceed to settings highlighted in red, there you will find “Task Settings,” this is highlighted in green.

Task Templates allow you to create standardized tasks that can be reused for all your leads.
This ensures consistency and saves time by eliminating the need to create new tasks every time a new lead comes in.

Task Tags help you categorize and prioritize tasks.
Tags can indicate the type of task, such as whether it’s for a seller or a buyer, and can be used to set task priorities.

Understanding Templates
Task templates are designed to simplify recurring tasks for your leads.
You can create templates for common activities like initial contact, follow-ups, do comps and more.

Task Automation Benefits
Automating tasks ensures that leads are managed efficiently without manual intervention.
This reduces the risk of missing important follow-ups and keeps the team focused.

Setting Up Task Templates

1. Create a Task Template:

  • Navigate to Settings > Task Settings
  • Click on “New Task Template.”
  • Define your task details: title, due date and the day offset, assigned user for the task, if it’s required or not (a required task must be completed before the lead can move into another status), task description, and task link
  • Click Create

*Note: There are several built-in templates from Forefront that you can use, or if you want to create your own, you may delete these pre-existing Forefront templates.

2. Using Task Templates – Case Scenario:

  • When you receive a new lead or search for a lead, select the appropriate task template from your saved templates in the dropdown.
  • Assign the task to the relevant team member.
  • Set up notifications to ensure timely follow-ups.

Using Task Template in Pipeline Automation

Adding Task Automation in the Pipeline Settings allows you to automatically create tasks when a new lead enters your CRM system, or depending on the trigger you choose.

  1. How to Set-Up Task Automation:
    • Navigate to Pipeline Settings > on your desired status, click on Manage
    • Select your trigger “Enter Status” and select your action “Add Task”
    • Click “Create Automation” and this will show the Add Task section
    • Click on “Add Task” and from here you can create a new template or you can select from the existing templates that you already have

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