Status Automations

With status automations, you can easily manage tasks, receive text notifications, and keep track of how long a lead has been in a certain status.

Want to learn about status automations? Watch the video below!

Step 1 – Access menu

With Forefront’s Status automation feature, you can easily automate multiple tasks in one go. This is ideal for completing routine tasks and sending automated messages to Leads when they enter a status.

Easily automate status updates by clicking on the three-dot menu button located beside the Column badges in the right-side column header.

Step 2 – Edit the status

After clicking the menu button, you can easily modify the status and add status automations in a pop-up window.

Step 3 – Add new action

Automate repetitive tasks when a lead enters a specific status with Status Automations. Start with Triggers, the pre-requisite for a specific action to happen. For example, select “Enter Status” for the “contacting” status to trigger the action you want.

Once you’re satisfied with the trigger, select “Add Task” to create a task that will automatically be generated with the trigger “Enter Status”. See the GIF below for a visual guide.

When you want to assign a task to someone, you can simply add it to the lead and specify the person responsible and the deadline for completion.

Options for Status Automations

Triggers: (Pre- requisite for an action to be activated)

  • Enter Status- When a Lead enters a specified status.
  • Exit Status- When a Lead leaves a specified status.
  • After All Required Tasks Completed- All tasks inside a Lead that are required must be completed or checked off.
  • X Time Before Status Due- A specified time before the status turns red (About to be overdue color is Yellow) or before it becomes overdue to be worked on.
  • X Time After Enters Status- A specified time after a Lead is taken out or Leaves a specified status.

Actions: (Activated when the pre- requisite is met via the triggers)

  • Send Webhook- Send information to a webhook of your choosing.
  • Notify Users- Notifies specific users.
  • Manage Users- Add or removes users or a Lead.
  • Add Task- Creates a task automatically with the option to add due dates, if it’s required and who will be assigned to that task.
  • Update Temperature- Updates the Leads temperature.
  • Email Primary Contact- Sends an email to the Leads Primary Contact.
  • Text Primary Contact- Sends a text to the Leads Primary Contact.

You can set up automations for various situations and times by choosing from our multiple options for actions and triggers. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to get creative with how you use them!

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!