Connecting smrtPhone to Forefront – Setting Up Your Account

This article aims to provide detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting your smrtPhone with Forefront CRM, which will involve configuring your settings, and testing the connection to ensure that everything is working correctly.


  • Please note that if you’re using smrtPhone with your CRM, you cannot transfer your account to Forefront while retaining your current CRM.
  • To use both the existing CRM and the new account, the owner/admin should create a new smrtPhone account and link it to Forefront.
  • You can switch between multiple smrtPhone accounts without logging out and logging back in. Incoming communications will be directed to the currently logged-in account.

Get started with your CRM + VOIP integration by checking out this comprehensive article and a video walkthrough provided by smrtPhone.

Getting started: Setting Up Your smrtPhone Account

To use smrtPhone, you need an active subscription and a smrtPhone account.

→ Start your Trial account at

Simply fill out the form, select Forefront as your CRM, and click “Start Your Free Trial” at the bottom. This will take you to the connect CRM page.

Follow these instructions to complete the setup of your account.

  1. After logging in, select a plan and provide your credit card details for usage and subscription activation. This screen is where you can enter any discount codes received from Forefront CRM. Use code FOREFRONT30 for fantastic offers.
    • 30% off for 3 months of smrtPhone Standard or Pro monthly subscription
    • 30% off for 3 months of smrtDialer single or multi-line monthly subscription
    • $2 off each phone number 
  2. IMPORTANT: You will be automatically placed in a Trial Plan, a free 30-day subscription with limitations →. To fully utilize and test the product, activate your subscription.
    Detailed instructions are available here →
  3. To complete the configuration, please invite your Forefront team into your smrtPhone account with customized permissions. See the steps below
    • Log into the smrtPhone Web App Dashboard using the email address on which you received the invitation and the password given to you.
    • Go to your Account Menu in the upper right and select ⚙️ My Account.
    • On the General tab, you can set – to create credentials – or change your password.

After creating a smrtPhone account, you can then use these to log in to the Mobile App and the smrtPhone Chrome Extension. → How to install the Chrome Extension, → Download on Android, →Download on iOS

We suggest checking out the beginner guide to smrtPhone. It covers topics like buying numbers, configuring flows for calls and messages, and managing users.

→ Beginner Guide to smrtPhone

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!