Expert Home Offers (EHO) Integration

This document steps you through integrating your Expert Home Offers (EHO) account with Forefront CRM so that any new leads that come from EHO are sent to your Forefront CRM.


  • Require Zapier premium account
  • Create a Zap in Zapier to manage the leads sent via email by EHO
  • Create a webhook in Forefront CRM to get the lead details that have been extracted from Zap

Here’s how you can easily incorporate Expert Home Offers:

Step 1: Create a new Zap, and setup the trigger

1.1 Give a name to the automation and specify that it should be triggered by an email parser

1.2 Select “New Email” as the event that will trigger an action

1.3 Log in to Zapier email parser

  • Be sure to click on the “Login with Zapier” button

  • Authorize the parser connection

1.4 Let’s continue setting up your mail parser

  • Setup your Mail Parser Mailbox

1.5 Compose test email, use “Test Submission” or whatever you want for the subject

To personalize your email, please use a recent FHO email lead you have received or simply copy and paste the following text into the email body


You have received a new lead. A summary of the lead information is below. To view the full lead details, or to request a lead return, sign into your account here:

View Lead:Expert Home Offers
Lead ID: 588
County: King County
Location: Seattle, WA 98115

Contact Information
Name: John Walker
Home Phone: (555)555-5555
Email: [email protected]

Property Address
Address 1: 123 Main St
City: Seattle
State: WA
Zip: 98115

Property Information
Square Feet: 1024
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms 2
Garage None
Why Selling: Other

Financial Information
EST Value: $1,275,145.00

1.6 Get started with the email parser

  • Create the email address – To protect yourself from spam, choose a random option instead of an easily guessable one

  • Name the data fields as you go through them

Click here to access helpful field names that can assist you.

You have received a new lead. A summary of the lead information is below. To view the full lead details, or to request a lead return, sign into your account here:

First Name
Last Name
Property Address
Postal Code
Square Ft.
Reason Selling
Seller Value

1.7 It’s important for you to choose the “Lecacy” parser engine
  • Save your address and template by selecting the Legacy Parser Engine and clicking on the corresponding button

  • You should get a success message like this:

1.8 Choose the mailbox you just created for your Zap trigger
  • To see your new mailbox, you can try refreshing the Zap page

  • Continue

  • Test the trigger

To check if the email has been properly parsed, scroll down to the “parse: output” section after the test has detected an email. Verify the accuracy of the data in each field. In case of any discrepancies, ensure that the email sent to the mailbox adheres to the correct format, and then redo the test by selecting the data fields again.

You can also confirm the parsing accuracy by sending emails to the mailbox address and accessing the “output” link under the row of links labeled “extracted / original / template/output” after clicking on the “View Email” option for the mailbox on this page:

Step 2: Setup the Zap action

You can easily transfer your parsed email information to your Forefront CRM by creating an action for the zap

2.1 Create a new webhook

Which webhook would you like to use for new leads, and what Campaign and Temperature should they be assigned to?

  • You can easily copy your webhook URL by first refreshing the page to display it in the table, then clicking the copy button

2.2 Customize your Zap by setting up the Webhook Action to suit your needs

To set up a webhook in Zapier, you can easily select the ‘Webhooks by Zapier’ option when searching for it within the Action step of your Zap

  • Choose the “POST” event and click continue

2.3 Set Post Action URL

Copy the webhook URL from Forefront and paste it as the post-action URL

To review your email information on Forefront, simply click the ‘Test and Review’ button. Zapier will then send the parsed email data directly to your Forefront webhook

Step 3: Transfer email data to relevant fields in your CRM system

3.1 To manage the new webhook, simply click on the “Manage” link located in the “Webhooks” section of your Forefront CRM settings
  • To view the parsed email information sent from the Zap test in your Forefront webhook manage view, try refreshing the page
  • Here is where we will be mapping the fields

3.2 Connect your parsed email fields with your Forefront CRM account fields
  • Choose the information you wish to include in your Forefront leads by selecting the corresponding fields from the ‘Field Maps’ section
  • Simply select the Forefront CRM field on the right to which you want to save data from each field on the left

Click on ths line to see the typical fields you’ll want and what to map them to

You have received a new lead. A summary of the lead information is below. To view the full lead details, or to request a lead return, sign into your account here:

parse__output__baths -> Property – Bathrooms
parse__output__beds -> Property – City
parse__output__firstname -> Contact – First Name
parse__output__lastname -> Contact – Last Name
parse__output__parking -> Property – Parking Type
parse__output__phone -> Contact – Phone 1
parse__output__postalcode -> Property – Postcode
parse__output__reasonselling -> Lead Info – Reason For Selling
parse__output__sqft -> Property – House Size
parse__output__state -> Property – State
parse__output__propertyaddress -> Property – Street Address

3.3 Click the ‘Save’ button!

You Are Ready to Activate Your Webhook! You will receive new leads from FHO directly in your Forefront Pipeline once you activate your webhook

To save, simply toggle this switch

Step 4: Turn on your Zap

You’re all set to receive and manage FHO emails in Forefront with your activated webhook. Let’s turn on your zap now!

4.1 Click turn on Zap

4.2 Before sending leads through FHO, make sure to test your Zap to ensure its functionality

To test the new zap, you can simply resend the test email to the Zap Mailbox you set up earlier. Keep an eye on your Forefront Pipeline and you’ll see the new lead appear.

If it doesn’t show up within a minute, try refreshing the page.

To check why the new lead is not appearing in the pipeline, you can take the following steps:

  • Confirm that the Forefront webhook is marked as ‘Active”
  • Make sure you sent the email to the correct email Parser by Zapier mailbox emaip
  • Verify that the email is visible in your email parser mailbox’s emails history and that the output is in the appropriate format

Step 5: Have FHO send the lads to the email parser mailbox

Final Step!

To set up your email with Expert Home Offers, simply add the Email Parser Mailbox email address to your account settings page after logging in.

Don’t forget to save your changes!

You’re Done!

Get every lead that comes into Expert Home Offers sent directly to your Forefront CRM account, ensuring that you never miss a lead again!

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!