Batch Leads Integration

Learn how to easily incorporate batch leads with this guide, tailored for you. Batch Leads offers a simple solution with a “push to CRM” button, so you can skip the complicated process of using Zapier or any “POST” method. With Batch Leads, you can seamlessly integrate your leads into your CRM with just one click

You can integrate BatchLead easily with these instructions

Step 1 – Set up your Forefront CRM webhook to receive your leads

1.1 To add a webhook to the Forefront, you can easily click on the ” + Webhook” button under Settings > Webhooks

1. 2 Fill out the settings for the webhook:

Step 2 – Click the copy button to get the webhook URL

2.1 Click the copy button to easily obtain the webhook URL

2.2. Easily set up a new webhook in your BatchLeads account by following these steps: Go to Settings, select Integrations, and click on “Add New Webhook”

Step 3 – Use Forefront CRM by pasting its Webhook URL

3.1 Easily use this webhook in all of your BatchLeads campaigns. Edit a campaign and add it in just a few clicks

Step 4 – Test the Push to CRM feature

4.1 You can easily map the data fields in your Forefront webhook by clicking on “manage” located on the far right of the webhook in the webhooks list. This step is necessary after the test data has been successfully sent to your Forefront webhook

4.2 To view the recent submission with the first and last name, check if the BatchLeads test was successful. Click on the submission and find the field maps below it. Then, map the data to the correct fields in your Forefront account by using the right-hand column.

Step 5 – Activate the webhook

5.1 To activate your webhook, simply click on the left side of the webhook management screen after saving by clicking on the “Save” button located in the lower right-hand corner of the box

5.2 You can easily send the lead data to Forefront by clicking the user-friendly Push to CRM button in Batch Leads

You’re all set to use BatchLead in the CRM! If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].