How to know if a Lead is in a follow-up sequence

In this article, you will discover multiple methods to easily determine if a lead is currently being followed up with. By following the steps outlined, you can quickly identify which leads require further attention and take action accordingly.


  1. Within the Follow-up pipeline
  2. Within the Follow-up settings
  3. By searching for the lead

Here’s a comprehensive guide with more details to help you

1. Within the Follow-up Pipeline

  • Go to Pipeline > Follow Up

2. Within the Follow-up Settings

  • Go to Settings > Follow Up Settings

Access all the sequences you have created or added in the Follow-up sequences section.

See the leads currently enrolled in a Follow Up sequence by clicking on “View Leads”.

Here is the lead in that sequence after clicking “View Leads”

2. By searching for the lead

  • Quickly locate leads in follow-up sequences using your CRM search function.
  • Simply type in the lead’s name and click the global search located in the top right corner. The follow-up sequence for that lead can then be found at the top of the search results.

  • If you wish to see what specific sequence is running for that lead, click on it and you will find the sequence used on the top right corner of the actual Lead. It provides you the Follow-up sequence used, and when the Lead was placed in a follow-up sequence.

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