Godaddy DNS records

A simple step-by-step on how to add DNS records for Godaddy.

The first step is to learn how and where to add Godaddy DNS records specifically TXT and CNAME records, check these articles below directly from Godaddy that discusses this.

Next, Godaddy does not require most of the information shown in the DNS records provided to you by Forefront, there are only a few key things that you need to add to verify the DNS correctly.

In this first example, the First Host Name for this TXT Record is not needed you only need to use the “@” symbol as the host and also the value.

It will look like this when added to Godaddy.

Moving to the other fields, for the second TXT and the CNAME, the addition of your domain is not necessary you would just have to copy the prefix before your domain and the value.

It will look like this when added to Godaddy, Godaddy will automatically add the domain for you so you no longer need to add the domain yourself just the prefix for the DNS records.

Once you have saved everything you can move forward to the next steps in the article below.