Appointment Reminders

This feature allows you to ensure that you and the seller gets reminded via text and or email when you there is an appointment scheduled for a specificied date.

To Access the appointment reminders, make sure you are logged in to Forefront, got to Settings, and look for Appointment settings.

Once you are inside the appointment Reminder section you are presented with some options.

Contact Settings.

User settings.

Contact Settings

This pertains to the reminders that will be sent to the contact/ seller that will be attending the appointment with you or your team member. A text or email or both can be sent out to them as a reminder, and you may also set a Time before it is sent to the contact. (Shortcodes can be used here to further personalize the appointment reminder.) – Don’ forget to click on “Save appointment settings” once you’re done!

User Settings

This is for you and or your team member, to remind you about an appointment that you will have for a specified date. Don’ forget to click on “Save appointment settings” once you’re done!

Appointment Reminders Default.

This will be for each user, you can set a default whenever you are added or part of an appointment, this can be found inside your “Profile”. Just set a preferred time on when you want to be reminded and click on “Update”

Turning on the Reminder when setting an appointment.

You can turn this on or Leave it off whenever you are setting an appointment for a seller. The contents of the messaging will be automatically pulled to whatever you made inside the “Appointment Settings” this is for Both “Contact/ Seller” and “User/ Team member”