08.30.2023 – What’s coming

🚀 What’s Coming:

We’re excited to share some exciting updates regarding our ongoing efforts to enhance the Forefront CRM experience.

These updates are aimed at optimizing your contact management process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in all your business interactions.

Mandatory Contact Types:

We are making contact types required for all user accounts. 

This ensures organized and precise categorization in your contact database.

Seller Contact Types:

We are also introducing “seller” contact types. 

Automatic Assignment of Seller Contact Types:

Accounts that do not have assigned contact types will automatically place contacts in the “Seller” contact type.

If you have existing contact types already, then we’ll mark any with seller or owner in the name as Seller types.

Default Seller Contact Type:

All accounts must have a default Seller Contact Type designated. 

This type will be added to contacts that are created with leads.

Filtering for Business Contacts:

In the future we will be filtering out sellers on the Contacts table by default so that contacts are more for business contacts.

Leads Modal Updates:

We’ll also be making updates to leads modal that include a better way to display sellers and business contacts.

This offers a clearer overview of your interactions.

How to utilize contact types

  • In Pipeline, when using the “+New Lead” button on the upper right hand corner you can create a lead there which will also create a contact. When using this way of creating a lead, this will automatically designate the “Seller” Contact Type to your lead that you’ve created.
    • If you go to Contacts and create a contact from there, you may choose whether the lead’s contact type will either be a “buyer” or “seller”.

  • In the Settings > Contact Settings, you can change the “Default Seller Contact Type” to better fit your needs. 

  • Note that the default contact type is used for when a lead is created manually or it comes in from a webhook or anything of that nature. Leads created that way would all default to the specified contact type you have set. 

  • You may add or delete contact types in the Settings > Contact Settings > Contact Types, there you may create different types of contact types to better customize to your liking. 

  • There will be the ability to filter by Contact Type in future iterations using the Filter option.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!