02.01.2024 smrtPhone and Slack Integration

This guide aims to assist you with integrating smrtPhone to Slack.

Steps on how to integrate smrtphone & Slack

  1. Access https://api.slack.com/apps/ and sign in.
  2. Hit Create New App
  3. Select From Scratch and type the App’s Name (this can be anything you want) and select the workspace then hit Create App.
  4. Click on Bots then Review Scopes to Add.
  5. Scroll down and under Bot Token Scopes hit Add an OAuth Scope.
  6. Search and add the following scopes: chat:write, channels:read, chat:write.customize, chat:write.public. You have to enter them one by one.
  7. Scroll up to the same page and hit install to Workspace, then Allow.
  8. Copy the Bot User OAuth Token to the clipboard.
  9. Access Slack and type the app’s name in the search box up at the top, then click the app you just installed.
  10. Click over the name of the app at the top, then select Add this app to a channel.
  11. Select the channel you want to add the app to and hit Add.
  12. Alternatively, you can access your Slack > The channel you created > Integrations > Add App and install the App you just created on the Slack website.
  13. Go in smrtPhone > Admin > Marketplace, locate Slack and hit the Configure button next to it. Direct link here.
  14. Paste the API Token copied at step 8.
  15. Put in the Channel name or ID.
  16. Select which events you want to receive and hit Save.

Additionally, here are some links to an article from smrtPhone on slack integrations and a quick video utilizing the steps mentioned above.

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