05.23.2024 Adding Text Update Method to SmrtPhone SMS Messages

“smrtPhone will now provide specific reasons for text message delivery failures, including error descriptions and suggested actions, ensuring users are better informed and can effectively address any issues.

Release Notes: Adding Text Update Method to SmrtPhone SMS Messages


We are excited to announce a new feature in smrtPhone SMS messaging: the Text Update Method. This enhancement provides more detailed information when there is an issue delivering a text message, ensuring that users are better informed about the status of their communications.

Detailed Delivery Reports

  • When a text message fails to deliver, smrtPhone will now provide specific reasons for the failure. This allows users to understand and address any issues more effectively.

How It Works

When a text message cannot be delivered, smrtPhone will automatically generate a detailed delivery report. This report will include:

  • Error Description: A brief explanation of the error, providing context and potential reasons for the failure.
  • Suggested Actions: Recommendations for steps that can be taken to resolve the issue, such as verifying the recipient’s number or retrying at a different time.

Examples of Error Messages

Here are some examples of the types of error messages you might encounter with the new Text Update Method:

  • Invalid Number: “The recipient’s phone number is invalid. Please check the number and try again.”
  • Carrier Restrictions: “Message delivery failed due to restrictions imposed by the recipient’s carrier.”
  • Network Issues: “There was a network issue preventing message delivery. Please try again later.”

These error notifications correspond to the errors provided to smrtPhone by their underlying provider. Failure can have many root causes, such as: the number no longer exists, trying to message a landline, blacklisting, overflowing queue, or carrier violation.

To know more, please reach out to smrtPhone Help Center.

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Getting Started

The Text Update Method is now available to all smrtPhone users. No additional setup is required. Simply send your messages as usual, and you will automatically receive detailed delivery reports in Forefront if an issue arises.

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