06.05.2024 Importing Enhanced Functionality

We are excited to introduce enhanced importing in Forefront.

Key Features

Import Types:

  • Leads with Contacts: Import leads with detailed contact information.
  • Contacts Only: Import standalone contacts.

Duplicate Management:

  • The system checks for duplicates during the import process. Duplicate entries will not be imported, and warnings will be displayed.

7-Day Rollback:

  • Undo any import within 7 days by selecting the import batch and confirming the rollback.

How to Use

  1. Prepare Your CSV File: Match required fields like name, phone, email, and address.
  2. Import Leads with Contacts: Go to Settings > Import, select “Leads with Contacts,” and upload your CSV file.
  3. Import Contacts Only: Go to Settings > Import, select “Contacts Only,” and upload your CSV file.

Best Practices

  • Validation: Check validation results after importing.
  • Backup: Keep a backup of your CSV files.
  • Field Mapping: Ensure your CSV fields match CRM fields.

Please refer to our help article for more information.

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