The Forefront Dictionary

Most Commonly used terms and jargons while using Forefront

Action– A specified automation that will take place with the use of a trigger (i.e. texts, emails, and tasks)

Call Script– A form that can be used by cold callers, VA’s, birddogs, or anyone where they can easily enter Lead information in and submit it to your system automatically as a Lead.

Contact Tags– A personalized or custom tag that you can use for contacts

Contact Types– The ability to create classifications for your Contacts and provide you the ability to segregate them (i.e. Realtors, Buyers, Leads, etc.)

Custom Fields– A personalized or specific entry field that is not part of the standard of Forefront or field that you have created for specific purposes.

Deals– A simple tagging system that allows you to tag a Lead as a Deal. How to use this is completely up to you and your team. If you consider a lead a deal when you close a contract go ahead and mark that. If it’s not a deal to you until it’s flipped mark it then. Totally up to you but this helps your stats stay up to date.

Followup Sequences– A series of automated texts and emails sent out to a Lead.

Funnel– A detailed view of the performance of each of your campaigns in Forefront

Integrations– The ability to connect specific software and systems into Forefront (i.e. Gmail, Callrail, etc.)

KPI– Key Performance Indicator. Basic stats that allow you to track many different areas in Forefront.

Leads – Property and Contact entries inside of Forefront that is either entered manually or automatically coming from your Lead Generation Software

Orphaned Leads– A floating status of a Lead after finishing a follow-up sequence, and determine what is the next best course of action.

Pipeline– A full overview of all active leads that gives you the ability to view your business at a glance, and the capability to move your leads through your workflow as they progress.

Shortcodes– A simple code that pulls specific information from a Lead without the need to type that information in. Used in one-off messages and sequences. This allows you to pull in things like a contact’s first name or a street address.

Snippet– A list of short templates or commonly used terms and or messages that are saved and can be used at any time.

Status Automations– Automated actions that are triggered whenever a Lead enters a given or specified status.

Status– The position of a specific Lead in your workflow.

Strategy– The exit strategy you anticipate for a specific Lead in your Pipeline.

Temp– A gauge to measure the willingness of the Lead to Sell their Property

Trigger– A pre-requisite for an action to take place for specified status automation.

Up Next– A set of tasks presented as a list to easily know what needs to be worked on next.

Users– A person within your team that has access to Forefront.

Webhooks– A URL that can be used to send information or Leads into Forefront.