Setting Lead Status

By setting a standard for the duration of leads in a particular status, companies can ensure accountability and efficiency in their sales processes, ultimately providing a better experience for customers.

This practice helps customers stay informed and engaged, while also allowing companies to optimize their lead management strategies.

To Learn more about how to set the Required Date/ time for a status check out the video below!

There are a few ways on how you can change the Required Date and Time for status changes

  • Setting it inside the status
  • Setting a required
  • Using the appointment Date

Setting it inside the status

Click the Menu button located next to the Badge on the right side of the Status Label/Name to set it as your current status

Find 2 options to ensure status change under “Ensure status change by” in the Status menu located on the left-hand side

  • Setting Acceptable Time – This is for a specific Time duration ranging from 1 minute to up to how long you deem the Lead must be in that status before it turns red

  • Requiring Date – if a Lead is moved into a status with this switched on, it will ask for a Specified date up to when the Lead must be in that status before it becomes due for a new action or activity from you or your team members.

Moving the lead into a status with “Requiring Date” set

When you move a lead to the “Appointment Set” status, you’ll need to specify a date and time. If there’s already an appointment set for the lead, you’ll be prompted to use that as the specified date and time.

Choose your preferred lead colors by adjusting the settings here

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