Pipeline Filtering

This article provides you a brief walkthrough on how to Filter your pipeline to have a more optimal view of what you need to work on.

To learn more about Pipeline Filtering check out the video below!

With Forefront you can filter leads leads on your pipeline by:

  • Users
  • Campaign
  • Strategy
  • Temperature
  • Time/Date

(All filters can be found on the top right corner of the CRM)

Filter by users

This allows you to filter the lead according to the assigned user to the Lead

Filter by Campaign

This allows you to filter by campaign to provide more focus on which campaign you want to pull more effort into.

Filter by Exit Strategy

Forefront provides you a preset list of exit strategies that you can choose from with in the filter, if you have used the exit strategy on a specific Lead.

Filter by Temperature

This allows you to Filter leads by their temperature, Hot, Cold, Warm, None or All.

Filter by Time/ Date

This allows you to filter leads that came in through a specified time frame.