Menu Badges

This article provides you how to utilize the Menu badges feature of Forefront, which helps you to easily identify activities and things that are new inside your Forefront.

Forefront, provides you a quick to know what’s going on inside your CRM.

To learn more about Menu Badges check out the video below!

There are multiple places where you can see Menu Badges, and here are some of the most essential ones.

  • Notifications- This helps you to be up to date with tasks and leads.
  • Status headers- This shows how many leads are in the status, that are new, overdue, about to be overdue.
  • Pipeline- This shows how many new Leads came in.
  • Up Next- This shows how many tasks are due.
  • Follow up – This shows how many leads are done with a sequence.

Notifications Badge:

Status Headers:

Pipeline Badge:

Up Next Badge:

Follow up Badge: