How to Mention Team Members

Mentions are a powerful tool to enhance communication and collaboration within your team.

By tagging specific team members inside a lead or note, you can streamline communication, share important details, and keep everyone in the loop without the need for excessive emails or lengthy explanations.

In this article, we will guide you on how to effectively mention team members.

Why Use Mentions?

Mentions offer several benefits to streamline team communication:

  • Efficiency: Instead of composing lengthy emails or messages, a single mention can convey the necessary information to your team members.
  • Visibility: Team members who are mentioned receive notifications, ensuring they are aware of the message and the action required from them.
  • Clarity: By mentioning a specific team member, you direct their attention to the relevant information, reducing the chance of misunderstandings.

How to Mention Team Members

To mention a team member, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Notes Section: Start by navigating to the notes section of the lead where you want to mention a team member.
  2. Use the “@” Symbol: Begin mentioning a team member by using the “@” symbol on your keyboard. This symbol indicates that you are tagging someone.
  3. Start Typing Their Name: After entering the “@” symbol, start typing the name of the team member you wish to mention. As you type, a dropdown list will appear with names that match what you’ve entered.
  4. Select the Team Member: Click on the name of the team member you want to mention from the dropdown list. This will tag them in the note.
  5. Compose Your Message: After tagging a team member, you can continue typing your message or provide details relevant to them.
  6. Tag Multiple People: If necessary, you can tag multiple team members in a single note. Simply repeat the process for each team member you want to mention.

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