How to connect Google Drive

In this article, we will guide you through the process of connecting Google Drive, enabling you to streamline your file management and enhance your productivity. Our Google Drive connection is designed with simplicity in mind, it offers a straightforward process that is easy to navigate, with minimal features and functionality at present.

When you first connect Google Drive, you will be prompted to select the Google account you wish to use and grant permission. Subsequently, when accessing the connection, you will be directed straight to the folder picker, without the ability to view or interact with individual files.

Although you won’t be able to see or access files directly within this folder picker, you can browse through the folder structure and select a specific folder. Once you select a folder, you will gain access to all the files contained within it.

Learn how to easily connect Google Drive with this instructional video

This is how our Google Drive connection operates, providing you with visibility and control over the files within the chosen folder. Additionally, you have the flexibility to modify the folder selection as needed.

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