Do not Call/ Contact

Forefront offers a gatekeeper service for your Leads, allowing them to easily manage their message preferences and choose whether or not to receive communications from you, in compliance with current phone marketing regulations.

How does this work?

You can now choose whether or not to receive texts from us. If you want to stop receiving them, simply reply with the word “STOP,” and we won’t send you any more messages or calls.

If you change your mind, just reply with “CONTINUE” to start receiving our texts again.

It’s important to note that only you have control over this, no one else, including our team.

How it will look like if they reply STOP?

You won’t be able to send texts to someone who has already replied because their number will appear greyed out with a strikethrough and the letters “DNC” next to it.

This will only work if they reply STOP and or CONTINUE in all capital letters.

  • If they reply continue, it will return back to normal


If the seller does not reply with CONTINUE and you are requesting them to be removed from the DNC, we would require written consent from the seller themselves to advise that they would like to be removed from the DNC list, an email will suffice.Once we have that information we will then proceed with the removal.

This is in line with FCC and FTC guidelines.

National Do Not Call Registry FAQs | FTC Consumer Information

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!