Create a New Pipeline Status

This article teaches how to create a pipeline status, so you can customize and optimize your own lead flow.

Forefront, allows you to create specific pipeline statuses that make your lead flow more custom and appropriate with your personal needs, without being locked in to the default statuses that are provided.

To learn more about creating a New Pipeline status, see the video below!

To start creating your own Pipeline status, make sure to log in to your CRM and on the Pipeline page, you will “New Status” on the top right corner of your CRM.

Once you click on “New Status” you will be provided with multiple options before you set your own status.

  • Label- Name or Label of your custom status
  • Order- Where you want this status column to be placed
  • Ensure status change by- When the status will be due either by Setting and Acceptable time or Requiring a date.
  • Acceptable time- The specific time you want if Setting acceptable time is selected.
  • Pipeline views- If you have created a custom Pipeline view you can immediately add it to that view