Activity log

This allows you to come into a lead and see everything that’s been going on from communication to activities done on the lead.

To learn more about the activity log check out the video below!

You’ll find the activity log in two (2) areas: Within the lead modal and the contacts modal, respectively. This article will show you the differences among the two (2).

Activity Log (Lead)

Inside the lead modal, you will find the activity log containing the following tabs:

  • Notes
  • Comms
  • Activities

Clicking on the check beside each tab will hide and unhide the information associated with each tab (Note that a check “βœ”” will reveal the tab’s contents and an “X” will hide the tab’s contents. The tabs can be broken down into more specific details regarding the activity happening on the lead. Here are some examples:

  • Notes
    – Notes left by users with access to the lead
  • Comms
    – Inbound Communication (Call and text)
    – Outbound Communication (Call, email and text)
  • Activities
    – Changes in Temperature
    – Changes in motivation
    – Status changes
    – and much more!

Activity Log (Contact)

The primary distinction between the activity logs for contacts and leads is that you won’t find general activity for the contact; instead, it only displays communication associated with the selected contact.

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