Activity log

This allows you to come into a lead and see everything that’s been going on from communication to activities done on the lead.

To learn more about the activity log check out the video below!

Your activity log is can be seen into 2 places, inside the Lead itself and inside the contact itself.

Activity Log (Lead)

You can find the activity log inside the Lead that contains the following:

  • Inbound communication (Call and text)
  • Outbound communication (Call, Email and Text)
  • Notes
  • Changes in Motivation
  • Changes in Temperature
  • And many more…

The Activity log is also separated into different tabs for filter these, which makes it easier to see what specific information you need to track.

  • All
  • Notes
  • Texts
  • Calls Emails
  • Activity

Activity Log (Contact)

The only significant difference between the activity log inside the contact section and Lead is that the activity cannot be found here only the communication done for that specific Contact.