Before, During and After Porting


This step is only when you are wanting to port your numbers to a new phone service provider.

  1. Make sure to have your business information ready like your company name, EIN, address for the compliance process for your next phone provider.
  2. Make sure to have your phone numbers you want to port out ready.
  3. Make sure that you already have an account with your next phone provider. Check out the FAQ at the bottom of this article to make an account.
  4. Reach out to your new phone provider and ask what the requirements are for porting numbers.

During Porting

This step is only when you are ready to port your numbers to your new phone provider and you already have an account with them.

  1. Submit a porting request through their support channels (chat or email, whichever is available) and provide the needed requirements.
  2. Do not deactivate or cancel your account with your previous phone provider during porting
  3. Wait for confirmation and further instructions if porting requirements are complete and approved.
  4. Once porting is successful, begin to register your business profile within your new phone provider and complete any phone compliance process (A2P 10DLC, STIR/SHAKEN, CNAM).

smrtPhone Porting Request

Steps on how to submit a porting request with smrtPhone

  1. Submit a porting request through their live chat support
  2. A porting file will be created and you will be asked to provide the following:
    • a. Your current provider that you are porting your numbers from
    • b. Your current provider is the company of where you are getting your numbers. If you have Forefront numbers, your provider is Twilio. If you have CallRail numbers, your provider is CallRail.
  3. A list with the numbers that you want to port (Don’t forget that you can add a name for each number)
  4. What type of account you have with your current carrier? (Business/Residential)
  5. A business Name
  6. Your full company address
  7. Billing statement (An invoice from your current carrier – PDF)
  8. If you have Forefront numbers, please email [email protected] to get it
  9. After you provide smrtPhone team with the information mentioned above, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) will be sent to your email
  10. You will need to sign it as this LOA is essential in your porting procedure

CallRail Porting Request

Check out this video from CallRail – Port a phone number into CallRail

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar
  2. Choose the company where you’d like to port the number
  3. Choose Porting In from the Calls & Texts header on the left.
  4. Click the Create Port Request button at the top of the screen to begin creating your port request.
  5. Type in the desired name for your port request under the Port Request Name header.
  6. Under the Numbers header, click the CSV template link to download the file and list all the numbers you plan to port. To be accepted, the CSV file must include:
    • Tracking number(s) that you want to port.
    • Forwarding number(s) that each tracking number should forward to.
    • Each tracking number’s name and source.
    • Companies with your account that the tracking number(s) should be placed in.
  7. Click the Upload CSV button to upload the CSV file
  8. Under the Most Recent Invoice header, click the Upload PDF button to upload a scanned (or electric) copy of your most recent phone invoice that includes your account and address information for all the numbers you’d like to port. If you don’t have a copy of your most recent phone invoice, you can upload a screenshot of the numbers in your current account
  9. Under the Letter of Authorization header, select whether you or someone else will sign the Letter of Authorization. If you fill out the document, complete the requested information. If you’re sending the document to someone else, provide the recipient’s name and email address in the appropriate fields
  10. Click on the Submit button when all requested information has been provided
  11. Follow the progress of your port requests within the table. You will be able to see the name of each port request, who submitted the request, the date the request was made, and the status of each request

Please note: When client managers submit port requests, they’ll only see a list of the requests they have submitted within the table

Optional: Click the Eye icon at the end of each row of the table to see a summary card of each port request. This card includes the account name, the port name, who made the port request, and the request date. There also are links to the most recent invoice provided and to the document that shows which numbers are to be ported.

Optional: Click the Pencil icon within each row of the table to see the unfinished Letter of Authorization if you need to complete the document to finish the port request.

After Porting

This step is only when your phone provider has confirmed that your numbers have been successfully ported.

  1. Integrate your new phone provider to your CRM from the Integration settings or page and follow instructions as needed.
  2. Set up your marketing campaign as preferred and set the settings for lead creation, default status, etc.
  3. If already integrated, make sure to test outbound/inbound flow and check for any issues.
  4. For any issues found, contact Support team [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

  1. Go here to sign up:

  2. Select Forefront CRM

  3. Click Start Trial

  4. Set up payment details

  5. Use code FOREFRONT30 to enjoy these benefits:
    • 30% off for 3 months of smrtPhone Standard or Pro monthly subscription
    • 30% off for 3 months of smrtDialer single or multi-line monthly subscription
    • $2 off each phone number

  6. Make sure to check your email for verification

  7. Once verified, you can now login to smrtPhone:

  8. In your Homepage, click on Activate your subscription

  9. In your Homepage, scroll down and find Install Chrome Extension and click Install

  10. In your Homepage, click on Download App for iOS or Android

For a comprehensive guide, check out Forefront CRM for smrtPhone.

  1. Go to → and click on the “Start 14-Day Free Trial” button under your preferred account type. Fill out the prompts with your business contact info. (No credit card required.)

  2. Once you’ve finished creating your account, login to your CallRail account and click on “Create a Phone Number”. You’ll then see a setup wizard prompting you to create a tracking number for your account — these are the unique phone numbers generated for your account that are used to track inbound and outbound calls.
  3. Complete the setup wizard as needed. To learn more, here’s a comprehensive guide from CallRail.

Porting times vary. We usually see the porting process taking 1-4 weeks, depending on the information submitted.

To get detailed information about your bill, we recommend to reach out to your phone provider’s support channels.

You can upload a screenshot of an email showing your ownership of the number, a receipt, or a screenshot of the number in your current account.

A successfully ported number will show as Pending until that number is called for the first time. This can be done by a customer or via a quick test call. Once that happens, the number will appear in the Active tab in the Tracking section of the app.

Feel free to make your request directly to us. Once we receive it, we will promptly reach out to Twilio to obtain the number and forward it to you.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!