How to add Campaigns

This is one of the core features that allow you to measure the success of your campaigns. You can create and update the costs of campaigns over time and Forefront will automatically identify which leads have come in from that specific channel.

To learn more about how to Add Campaigns, check out the vide below!

To start adding campaigns, access the campaign section found on the left hand pane in your CRM.

Once you are inside the Campaigns section, you will now be able to start adding new Marketing Campaigns that you are running to Funnel and Track them accordingly.

To add a campaign click on New Campaign found on top right corner of your screen after clicking this you will be presented with Fields to Fill in.

  • Channel- Where the Leads will be coming from.
  • Label- The name of the campaign that you are running or any other detail to Label the campaign.
  • Phone Number- The Callrail number that is used for the campaign
  • Default User- If you would like the leads to go directly to a specific user in your system.