Webhooks by Zapier to Forefront CRM

Make sure you have Zapier premium apps in your Zapier plan. To check their plans, go to https://zapier.com/app/pricing.

1. To start, click on Create Zap.

2. In the Trigger, select the platform where your data is kept. In this example, we are using Mojo to send data to Forefront.

3. In the Event, choose which activity that will trigger the Zap. In this example, we use New Contact in Group. Every time a contact is added to a Group, the data from Mojo will send it to Forefront.

4. In Account, connect to your platform by signing in.
  • Zapier will pull the latest record in the selected Group and that will be the Test Data for the Zap.

5. In Step 2 App & Event, choose Webhooks by Zapier and select POST.
6. In Action, this is where you will input the URL in Forefront Webhooks.
Go back to Forefront Settings > Webhooks > Create Webhook > Copy URL.
Don’t forget to toggle on the Activate to activate your Forefront webhook.

Leave all the field below BLANK and DEFAULT.

Do not change anything in here except for the URL.

7. After that, scroll down and click on TEST ACTION.
8. Go back to Forefront, refresh the page.
9. In the Forefront webhook you just created, click Manage.
10. You should be able to see the Test Data from Zapier. Select the Test Data to highlight it and map out the fields accordingly.
11. Hit Save. All incoming new submissions will automatically follow the mapping for the fields and new submissions will be forwarded in to your Inbox in the New Leads tab.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!