LeadPropeller is a website tool that helps you generate leads for your business. It works like Oncarrot, allowing you to create your own website to attract potential customers.

With LeadPropeller, you can effortlessly connect to Forefront using webhooks. This feature lets you smoothly transfer leads to Forefront, making it a breeze to manage and convert them into successful deals!

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how some of the integration parts work

Here are easy-to-follow steps for integrating LeadPropeller into your system

Step 1

First, make sure you’re logged into LeadPropeller and Forefront. Once you have webhooks opened click on “Add Webhooks“ After clicking on “Add Webhooks” you will be presented with multiple options.

Step 2

Here are the choices available, please complete all the necessary information, including the description.

  • Site – The website where the leads are coming from
  • Event – The specific Trigger / Event on when a Lead should be spent over to Forefront, ex. New Lead
  • Description – A title or name for the webhook (Any name will do)
  • URL – The webhook URL from Forefront

Step 3

Once you’ve filled in the description field, head to Forefront and create a webhook. Remember to copy it to ensure you have it for later

Step 4

Now let’s go back to Leadpropeller and paste the Webhook URL we got from Forefront, after filling up the form click on create

Step 5

Just a few more steps left! To test and map the area, add a new entry to your website and be sure to submit it. Remember, in the previous examples, we only included the first form

Step 6

Once you’ve submitted the first form, return to Forefront and click on “manage” inside the webhook to continue

You can find your test submission and start mapping fields by clicking on it. To learn more about mapping and webhooks, check out the article linked below.

Forefront webhooks and Integration

After mapping the fields, activate them and you’re good to go! Your Leadpropeller website entries will flow straight to Forefront.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!