LeadPropeller is a Lead Generation and Web host that is similar to Oncarrot, which allows you to generate leads with your own website.

LeadPropeller can easily integrate with Forefront using webhooks, this allows you to seamlessly send Leads over to Forefront so you can easily manage it and start closing deals from those leads!

  • To begin make sure you are logged into both LeadPropeller and Forefront.
  • Next in Leadpropeller access webhooks
  • Once you have webhooks opened click on “Add Webhooks
  • After clicking on “Add Webhooks” you will be presented with multiple options.

  • The options are as Follows:

Site– The website that you wish to send Lead from over to Forefront

Event– The specific Trigger/Event on when a Lead should be sent over to Forefront, ex. New Lead

Description– A title or name for the webhook (Any name will do)

URL– The Webhook URL from Forefront

  • Start filling up all the information up to Description.

  • After filling up the information up to the description field, go to Forefront and create a webhook and make sure to copy it.

  • Now let’s go back to Leadpropeller and paste the Webhook URL we got from Forefront

  • Once that’s done click on create.

  • We are almost done! to test and map the field, make an entry in your website make sure to submit it, in the examples above we only integrated the first form.

  • After making the submission on the first form, let go back to Forefront and inside the webhook! make sure to click on manage.

  • From there you will see the test submission you made and you can start mapping the fields, to learn more about mapping and webhooks, click the article below.

  • Once you’re done mapping the fields, make sure to activate it and your all set! All entries from your Leadpropeller website will Flow directly to Forefront!

Important Note: For Seller websites in Forefront, you can integrate both New Lead and Lead Updated, that would be step 1 and step 2, from basic to completed information.

Check out the video below for a more detailed walk-through of some of the parts of the integration.