Do not Call/ Contact

In line with the recent laws about phone marketing and prospecting, Forefront provides a gatekeeper for your Leads to entertain or stop receiving messages from you.

How does this work?

Whenever you text a lead they now have the option to either reply “STOP” which completely blocks their number in Forefront, and no texts or calls will be sent to them, may it be a follow-up text or a one-off text.

They also have the option to reply “ CONTINUE” so they can resume receiving texts from you if they deem so.

Important Note: Only the seller or prospect has control over this, (CONTINUE) and no one else including the Forefront Team.

How it will look like if they reply STOP?

Their number in the system will be greyed out and will have a strikethrough with DNC written beside it, signifying the replied stop and you can no longer send texts to them.

This will only work if they reply STOP and or CONTINUE in all capital letters.

If they reply continue, it will return back to normal.