Integrating With CallRail

This article provides you a guide on how to Integrate Callrail into Forefront, This allows you to make calls and texts from inside of the system using the most popular phone system for investors.

To learn more about how to integrate Callrail to Forefront, check out the video below!

First, you will need a CallRail account to integrate. If you plan on using follow-up sequences that will send text messages you might need to increase your limits set by CallRail. These limits set by CallRail for API calls (outbound calls, text messages from the lead and follow-ups)

CallRail’s rate-limiting as of 11/15/19 here is a link to CallRail’s support documentation for current limits.

CallRail Integration set up

Integrating your CallRail account to ForeFront will allow automatic lead creation for any new incoming call and/or text you receive. Will have the ability to make outbound calls and send texts from the lead. Plus, send texts via our Automated Follow Up Sequences.

NOTE: You have to have a CallRail Essentials plan or higher to integrate with ForeFront

CallRail’s help article for creating API v3 keys

You will start in your CallRail account to create API v3 Key.

  1. Click the account drop-down at the top of the page, then click My Profile.
  2. Select API Keys from the Security section in the left menu.
  3. Select Create API v3 Key to create a new API key (if you haven’t created a key before).
  4. Click Create New API v3 Key at the top of the page to create a new key.
  5. Copy API v3 Key

Next, you will go into ForeFront

Click Settings then Integrations

Paste API v3 Key And Click Next

Select the account and company you want to use for the integration and press Connect to Callrail.

Copy each webhook URL one at a time and paste in CallRail.

Go back into your CallRail account to add Webhooks

  1. Click Settings at the top of the page
  2. Choose the company you would like to create a webhook
  3. Select Library from the Integrations menu on the left
  4. Choose Webhooks from the list of available integrations
  5. Find the corresponding webhook and paste ForeFront’s webhook URLs
  6. Select Activate when finished

How to update your tracking numbers in Forefront if you added new ones.

You may do this by simply going into Settings> Integrations > Callrail and Click on “Resync Numbers” once that’s done your new numbers will appear as long as they are also found inside the same CallRail company.