Batch Leads Integration

Zapier is not needed for this integration.

BatchLeads has a Push to CRM button as shown here:

First, let’s setup our Forefront CRM webhook we are going to receive these leads with.

Go to Settings > Webhooks in Forefront and click the + Webhook button as shown here:

Fill out the settings for the webhook:

Now copy the webhook URL by clicking the copy button:

Now, inside your BatchLeads account, go Settings > Integrations and click on Add New Webhook:

Name it Forefront CRM, paste the webhook URL you copied from Forefront and make sure the toggle the Push To CRM checkbox:

Now you can use this webhook in each of your BatchLeads campaigns. Simply go to your campaigns, edit one:

Now, choose Forefront CRM webhook for the Push to CRM functionality and click Send Test:

The test will have sent test data over to your Forefront Webhook. Now we need to go back to Forefront to our webhook (click manage on the far right of the webhook in the webhooks list – you may have to scroll to the right) and map the data fields:

If the test send from BatchLeads was successful, you should see the RECENT SUBMISSION with First Name and Last Name, click on that. You will then see the FIELD MAPS below it. In the right hand column, map the data to the appropriate fields within your Forefront account.

Then, all you need to do is save (lower right hand corner of the box) and then activate your webhook (left side of the webhook manage screen):

Now you are all set to click the Push to CRM button within Batch Leads to send the lead data over to Forefront!

Nice work!! If you need assistance, please reach out to [email protected]