Create a Follow-up Sequence

One of the biggest benefits for you is that Forefront can automatically reach out to your leads with messages, keeping the communication going on your behalf. Set it up and let us handle the rest. By setting up our automated system, Forefront will send out personalized messages to your potential customers on your behalf, allowing for seamless and ongoing communication with your leads.

To learn more about Follow up sequences check out the video below

Here’s a guide you through the process of setting up a follow-up sequence with these simple and clear steps.

Step 1 – In the left side menu, Click Settings > Go to Follow Up settings

From there you can select the “New Follow up” button found on the top right corner of your CRM.

You can also install our templates that are in Store.

From there you can enter modify or add more details to the following fields

  • Name- Name or Label of the sequence
  • Email From Name- The name that will appear when an email is sent from the sequence
  • Use Campaign Number- SMS sent for this sequence will use each lead’s campaign phone number. If no campaign the Default SMS From Number will be used
  • From Number- if you do not wish to use the campaign number that the Lead came from.
  • Inbound Status- Any Inbound Communication for a Lead will pause the Leads Follow Up Sequence, and place the Lead into this Status
  • When Sequence Complete- You can either have the lead Marked as Orphaned, Dead, Move back to the pipeline to a specific status or Start a new sequence.

Step 2 – Add “New Step”

Now we can start adding steps to your Follow up sequence.

To start creating a new step click on “New Step” with in the sequence.

From there you can set the different options as follows.

  • Type – Task, Email, Text or Webhook
  • Day Offset
  • Time
  • Task – Name of Task (Only Available if the selected Type is “Task”)
  • Description – Description of task (Only Available if the selected Type is “Task”)
  • Assign to – The assignee for the Task (Only Available if the selected Type is “Task”)
  • Email Subject and Body – (Only Available if the selected Type is “Email”)
  • Body – (Only Available if the selected Type is “Text”)
  • Webhook – What URL should we send the lead data to? (must be a valid webhook URL)

Once you’re done making the changes click on “Create”, to start creating more steps just click on New step to add more

We want to make sure you’re aware that any changes you make to a sequence that’s already in progress will affect all the leads in that sequence. It typically takes 30 minutes to an hour for these changes to take effect. We recommend reviewing your changes carefully to ensure they’ll have the desired impact.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!