Exporting Leads

This allows you to export specific leads from a campaign or a number of ways so that you can view them externally

Inside of Forefront, we have given you multiple options when it comes to what information you can export. You can break things down by what status they are in, which campaign, and more.

To start Exporting Leads from Forefront, click on Settings found on the Left Hand Pane.

Once you’re inside settings, you will find the Exports in the Menu list.

The exports option provides you multiple filters so you can pull specific data on demand

Available Filters:

  • Lead Location- Leads that are in a Follow-up sequence, In your Pipeline (Status) or Archived
  • Users- Leads assigned or not assigned to users in your CRM
  • Campaigns
  • Exit Strategies- Agent referral, Fix and Flip, Lease Option, Owner Finance, Rental Rehab, Rental as is, Retail Listing, Subject to, Wholesale, Wholetail and Development.
  • Last Modified- Today, Yesterday, This week, Last week, Last 7 days, This Month, Last Month, Last 30 days, This year, and Last year.

(Note the system cannot export more than 100 Leads if there is any attempt to do so you will receive this warning)

Select the filters that you need, and once done, click on preview to see those leads before you download so you can confirm that the data you need is correct, once you click download a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.