How to Manually Add Leads

This allows you to manually add a new lead to your pipeline if you happened to do something that occured outside of a normal campaign

With Forefront you can easily add leads manually, leads that was a referral or something you found yourself.

To start adding a lead manually, look at the top right corner of your CRM and from there you will see the “New Lead Button”

After clicking on “New Lead” you will be presented with multiple fields you can fill up

  • Status- The specific status that you want this lead to fall into once added to your pipeline
  • Campaign- if you wish to add this to a campaign that you are running
  • Property Street Address
  • Property City
  • Property State
  • Property Postcode
  • Property County
  • Primary Contact Name (First and Last)
  • Primary Contact Phone
  • Primary Contact Email
  • Users- (Add a team member to manage or handle the lead)

(Important Note: None of these fields are required before you can save)

Once you are done filling up all the necessary details, don’t forget to press “Create”