What’s the best email client / host to use?

In this article, we’ll explore the top email clients and hosts on the market, highlighting their features and benefits, to help you make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for your email needs.

List quoted from: Best email hosting 2023: Top providers compared | ZDNet as of January 16, 2023

Host / ProviderDomain NameMailbox SizeSpam / Virus ProtectionAliases24/7 SupportStorage
Google WorkspaceYes30GB, 2TB and 5TBYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneBased on a plan
Microsoft 365Yes50GB and upYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneBased on a plan
Amazon WorkMailYes50GBYesYesChat, Ticket or PhoneExtra Fee
RackspaceYesUnlimitedYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneExtra Fee
GreatmailYesUnlimitedYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneExtra Fee
IceWarp CloudYes50GB, 100GB and 500GBYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneIncluded
IntermediaYesUnlimitedYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneBased on a plan
GoDaddyYes5GB and 50GBExtra FeeYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneExtra Fee
HostingerYes10GB or 30GBYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneNo
A2 HostingYesUnlimitedYesYesTicketBased on a plan
DreamHost ProfessionalYes15GB or 50GBYesYesChatNo
BlueHostYes15GB or 50GBYesYesChat, Ticket, or PhoneExtra Fee
NamecheapYes5GB, 30GB, and 75GBYesYesChat, TicketNo

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