Forefront CRM FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

Our Campaigns is similar to List Stacker. You can find more info in here: Adding Campaign

We do not have skip trace and list-pulling feature.

Yes we do have Stats/KPI page. It tracks User Accountability in terms of Tasks, Past Due leads and Inbox. As well as basic KPIs and Funnels. For more info: Stats

No we don’t. Forefront is not designed as a prospecting tool, rather it’s focused on handling and tracking qualified leads and deals.

No, we only have Billing page but it’s for the subscription.

You can track expenses and income in Campaigns and Stats altogether.  We have buying analysis and some of that includes total cost, total projected profit, total actual profit and ROI in Funnel in Stats.

We have tags system and contact types that you can customize whether they are buyers, real estate agents, etc which will be stored in Contacts sections.

No, so we built the system with the idea that communications will be with campaign numbers that represent the company itself. Not with individual users. A phone number assigned specifically to a user and that isn’t really supported in Forefront at the moment.