Forefront Email (Getting Started)

You can send and receive emails via Forefront either with your company Gmail account or Custom Domain, You can also personalize it with your own Signature and send emails with your own email address!

  • Within Forefront, you can set up your own Gsuite/ Google Workspace emails, or custom domain email to be used to send and received emails.
  • You can also add emails for each individual using the system.
  • You can also set up your own signature with images.
  • You can use Forefront like a normal email by Forwarding emails, replying to all, adding a CC, or a BCC as well.
  • Emails are presented as a thread so you can easily backtrack the conversation.
  • Email Stats are available to check how many emails were delivered, opened, if the sending failed, if links in the email were clicked and if someone unsubscribed or complained about your email. You can also drill down further to see what emails were these as well! (Only available for custom domain email integration not gmail)
  • You can also send attachments via email within Forefront! (Only available for custom domain email integration not gmail)
  • You can also send emails in behalf of a team member.

To be able to use these features, you are required to have a custom domain that is preferred or a Google Workspace/ Gsuite account.

If you are planning to use a Custom Domain, here are some key points that you need to be aware of before proceeding.

  • It requires technical knowledge
  • You’ll get email stats such as opened, clicked, etc
  • You’ll be able to send attachments
  • Emails are only stored inside Forefront
  • Requires a custom domain and ability to add DNS records
  • Requires email provider (e.g Gsuite, Outlook, Fastmail)

Here are the key points if you wish to use your Google Workspace/ Gsuite email.

  • All emails stay in your google account and are copied into Forefront
  • Requires a Gmail or Google Workspaces account
  • No inbound email stats
  • No ability to send attachments

If you already have your own custom domain but don’t have an email host check out these articles to get started!

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Not sure what to chose or do you want to know if there are other options? Click on the link below.

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