Forefront Email (Connecting Gsuite/ Google Workspace email(s) )

Quick and easy integration with your Google email with Forefront!

Connecting your Google email with Forefront is quick and easy in contrast with using a custom domain there are some limitations when using this option.

  • All emails stay in your google account and are copied into Forefront
  • Requires a Gmail or Google Workspaces account
  • No inbound email stats
  • No ability to send attachments

Note: Integrating your Google account will be on a “Per user” basis meaning each team member who has a google account will be doing this process. regardless if they are owners or just a regular user.

To start connecting your Gmail account go to Settings then Email settings and click on “Choose Gmail

Next, you will be presented with a screen where you can add the email address(es) per user that you can add and the Forwarding email address that each user will need to set up.

Make sure to “Integrate your Gmail” account in the “Outgoing Email” first before proceeding to set up the Forwarding Email

Here is the link as well to know how to set up the Forwarding email address with Google: How to set up Email Forwarding | Forefront Knowledge Base (

Once you have set the Forwarding email address a pop-up in your Gmail will appear saying that a confirmation code will be sent to the forwarding email address.

Go back to Forefront and you will see the confirmation code beside the Forwarding email address if you are not seeing it you may have to “refresh” the page

Go back to Gmail and add the confirmation code that you got inside Forefront and click verify in Gmail.

After clicking verify the Gmail screen should look like this (“Disable Forwarding” is selected by default) make sure to select “FORWARD A COPY

Click on “Save Changes” at the bottom.

After setting up the Forwarding email, we just need to verify if the email works correctly, all you have to do is click verify beside the forwarding address.

Once you click the verify button it will start verifying it, it will take about 3-5 minutes until you get an email from Forefront confirming that the verification was successful, if no email was received that means the verification failed which means you would need to re-check your set-up.

If it was successful you will get an email that looks like this below.

And this is how it will look like inside Forefront

Once you have completed the set up you can start testing it by sending emails by creating a sample lead!

Here’s a quick video walking you through the entire process.

To learn more about the features for your Forefront email click the link below