Forefront Email (Basic User guide)

We have developed an email feature within Forefront that will allow you to use it with the most basic feature that you would use your emails for whenever you are communicating with a Lead.

If you are starting here and have not set up your email yet click the link below!

We will be talking about these specific Features.

  • Email signatures
  • Send From
  • Thread style view
  • Reply, reply to all, Forward, CC and BCC
  • Sending of Attachments (only available to custom domain users)
  • Email Stats (only available to custom domain users)
  • Inbound and Outbound emails
  • Follow up sequence emails
  • Email Notifications
  • Send Emails to Contacts without any Lead Attached

Email Signature

You can now add a personalized email signature with links! To do this just click on the top right corner with your avatar or initials and click on Profile!

  • This is per profile so each user can create their own signature
  • We recommend to have a uniform signature design, this promotes professionalism and continuity when doing email communications.
  • Your signature will automatically be used with one off emails and Follow up sequence emails.

Note: For images, make sure to resize them as the image will appear with the same dimensions on how they were added.

Send From

You can send emails using another team member’s email address, this is good if someone else needs to do the communications like your Acquisitions manager, and wish to continue the conversation as another team member or the company owner. Or if someone is out but the conversation must be continued to make sure no lead gets left behind.

Thread style view

We’ve made it easier for you to read your messages, not only emails but also texts! by using a thread-style view that we are familiar with.

Reply, reply to all, Forward, CC and BCC

Just like any other email service we provided you the basic function to Reply, reply to all, Forward, CC, and BCC.

Sending Attachments

Just like what it says! you can send attachments, but please be aware this is only available for custom domain users.

Email Stats

Like the attachments this is only available to custom domain users, this provides you data about emails that were delivered, failed sending, opened, links clicked inside the email, how many unsubscribed, and if someone complained/marked you as spam.

You can drill down as far as to see what emails were these by clicking on the view log.

Inbound and Outbound emails

You can send and receive emails!

Follow up sequence emails

You can now choose from the From Email with your follow-up sequences!

Email Notifications

There are 2 ways on how you can get notified when someone replies to your email!

  • Email received on existing leads you’re assigned to- If you are assigned to a Lead “Lead Owner” you will be notified if the Lead replies to any email that was sent to them via Forefront, regardless of who sent the email, as long as you are assigned to the Lead you will be notified.
  • Email replied to your Email Integration- Aside from getting notified if someone replied to an email that you personally sent, because we provided everyone the ability to send out emails on-behalf of another user you can still get notified if someone replies to that email they sent in behalf of you since it will be based via the email address used to send the email.

Send Emails to Contacts without any Lead Attached

You have the ability to send and receive emails from any of your contacts even where there is no Lead attached to them.

Important Note(s):

We will not track emails between users or emails to other people. Only emails that are received from Contacts or emails from Leads in your system. Any email sent and received from the email address you connected with will not be tracked or added to Forefront if that email address does not exist in Forefront

if you have any questions just send an email to [email protected]