Forefront VOIP

This article will show you how you can use VOIP within Forefront for your business.

You can now dial out from your browser using VOIP (Voice Over IP).

When you make a call from Forefront, you will now see the ‘Use VOIP’ option:

toggle VOIP for outgoing calls

You’ll need to allow your browser to have access to your computer’s microphone:

allow to use microphone

You’ll see the call taking place at the bottom right of the browser window with the name of the contact as well as buttons to view the contact or lead while on the call:

One-Click Calling

Make sure to take advantage of One-Click calling if you don’t want to keep selecting which phone number to dial out using.

One-Click calling allows you to simply click the call button and have the call initiated. 🙂

Go to your profile and scroll down: