Forefront Phones Troubleshooting

Incoming Calls Going To User Voicemail Instead of Forefront Answering Sequence Voicemail

There are several things to check if you are experiencing a call going directly to your users’ cell phone voicemail rather than continuing the answering sequence all the way to the Forefront voicemail you have set up.

  1. Ensure the user’s cell phone is on and that they are not sending calls to voicemail, or ignoring or silencing the call, which can send calls to voicemail (more often than not, this is what is happening)
  2. Set the ‘Number of seconds to ring’ for the step in your answering sequence to be short (20 or 30 seconds) so that it doesn’t ring long enough to go to the user’s cell phone voicemail

NOTE: Forefront CRM is currently developing an option to require users that answer calls to press 1 to accept each call so that the system knows if a person answered or not. This will make it much more certain that calls will continue through the answering sequence rather than go to a user’s cell phone voicemail.

Outbound Phone Call Going Directly To Voicemail or Showing as Spam

Occasionally, one of your Forefront phone numbers could become flagged as spam. Many times this is only for certain phone carriers. This could causes some of the following issues when making an outbound call using the Forefront phone number:

  • The receiving phone will send it directly to voicemail without ringing
  • The receiving phone will show the number as Spam or Potential Spam

The best course of action in this case, is to get a new Forefront phone number and terminating the old one (click ‘manage for the phone number and then click ‘Terminate phone number’ link at the lower left of the window).

Voice over IP (VoIP) Hanging Up Before Contact Answers

There are times when you will try to call a contact, and the Soft Phone in the app, will disconnect the call before the Contact answers the call. This is general because the Contacts phone number that you are calling is invalid.

If this occurs try to call the number by using the forwarding number instead, this will sometimes give you a message that the number can not be connected as dialed.