Forefront Phone Numbers That Don’t Create Leads

Forefront Phone numbers have an option to prevent new calls or texts from creating a new lead.

Phone settings can be found in your account here:

Phone settings showing whether each number creates a lead

To toggle Create Lead on and off for a number, click the Manage link for the number (far right of image above) and click the toggle here:

Use Cases

There are several use cases for this functionality. They are as follows:

  • The phone number is a business phone number used for admin purposes. Sellers don’t call this number, only vendors and business associates call the number therefore it should not create leads when a new call comes in from an unknown number (phone number not associated with a lead in your account)
  • You are doing a lot of direct mail or other marketing campaigns that tend to get a lot of ‘Remove me from your list” or “Not for sale” calls. It can be a lot of work removing leads created from all of these callers.

Logging Communications With ‘Create Lead’ Turned Off

If you opt to have a Forefront phone number NOT create a lead, understand the following:

  • Inbound Communications to a number that is not tied to a contact, will not create a Lead, Contact, or even a ComLog.
  • Inbound and Outbound Communications from this number to a number that is tied to a contact will still create the comLog and be tied to it as expected.