Adding a Forefront Phone Number

Use Forefront phone numbers to effortlessly track your marketing. This video covers all the ins and outs of adding a Forefront number to your account.

Step 1: Add an Answering Sequence

If you don’t already have an answering sequence, you’ll need to add one.

If you do not know how to add an answering sequence go to the link here:

Step 2: Get a Number

To get a number first you need to go to your phone settings and click “Get Number.”

Here you can enter the area code of your choice. However, there may not always be a number available as they do get leased by other people. You can check back either in a few hours or the next day to see if any numbers are available.

From here you can label your number as well as set an answering sequence and a default status for all new leads that come in through this number. You can also choose to record your outbound calls to check for quality insurance or to keep for records.

Step 3: Add Campaign For the Phone Number

You can assign phone numbers to specific campaigns for easier tracking of leads and where they come from. If you have trouble creating your campaign please head here:

Step 4: Final Phone Number Settings

Once you have your number all set you can click manage next to it for a few more options.

From here you can change quite a few more settings including a few we have already seen.

You can choose which number shows on your phone when you receive a call, whether that is the forefront number you just created or your leads phone number.

You can have messages played when either you or your lead pick up before the phone call completely connects. For example you can have a message that states the call is recorded if a you need to call a client or a message that lets you know which campaign this number is connect to when you receive a call.

A user and temperature can also be set for any leads that come in from the phone number.