Placing Old Leads in a Follow-up Sequence

The easiest way for you to reengage your old stale leads is to put them into a follow-up sequence designed to get them talking again

To Learn more about Placing old Leads in a Follow up sequence, check out the video below!

Before we proceed, if you are not aware about how to start a Follow up sequence please read the article below.

The Forefront team understands that there are times that Lead Generation will be slow and you may want to go back to your old Leads and give them a shot once more as there is still a possibility one of the Old Leads might turn into a deal!

With that in mind that team has created a Follow up sequence that is readily available to you that exactly does that!

The sequence we add is called “Old Reactivation Sequence”, this goes for 182 Days and contains 10 steps, and contains strategic Texts placed in different time intervals for best results and a higher ratio of response from your old leads!

(Note: This is only available to Forefront Pro users)

Common question(s) when using this sequence:

Do I have to turn this on for each Lead?– Yes.

Why can’t we do this automatically? or Can we do this in bulk?– No, Forefront is not a prospecting solution, if you require a system for prospecting you would need to use a system specifically designed for that.