How To start a Follow-up Sequence

By utilizing Follow-up Sequences, companies will over time do more deals with consistent follow up

Follow- up is the key to more successful deals and Forefront allows you to use and create your own Follow-up sequences. Automated Follow up with and organic touch.

To learn more about How to start a Follow up sequence, check the video below!

Starting a follow up sequence on a Lead is very simple!

(Note: You must have a Follow up sequence set up in order to use this feature)

To begin open up the Lead where you want to run or start a Follow up sequence, once you have it open focus your attention on the right hand side of the CRM and there you will find the section for Follow up.

Click on “Put in Follow up” and you will be presented with the screen where you will be able to change add and modify details.

  • Contact- Contact that will receive the sequence messages.
  • Follow up template- Where you can select the sequence you want to run for that specific Lead.
  • From Name- The name that will appear for Email and Texts
  • From Number- The number that will be used with in your Callrail for Text Messages.

Once your done changing and adding details just click create and the Lead is now in a Follow up sequence!

Important note: You can only run sequences on “Primary” Contacts