How to know if a Lead is in a follow-up sequence

This article provides you different ways for you to check if a Lead is in a Follow up sequence.

1.With in the Follow up Sequence

  • Click on follow up in the Menu on the left hand side.

Inside the Follow-up sequences section, you will find all the Sequences that you have created or added and from there you will have a column where it says “Leads” and beside it “View Leads” which you can click to see the leads running that specific Follow up sequence.

Clicking on view leads shows you the actual leads that are running that specific Follow Up sequence.

Here is the lead in that sequence after clicking “View Leads”

2. By searching for the lead

  • Search for the lead in your CRM, in this example we will use the global search on the top right corner. and just by searching you will if the lead is in a Follow up sequence that can be found on the top.

  • If you wish to see what specific sequence is running for that lead, click on it and you will find the sequence used on the top right corner of the actual Lead. It provides you the Follow-up sequence used, and when the Lead was placed in a follow-up sequence.