The Forefront Store

The Forefront Store allows you to share Follow up sequences you created, Snippets, Call scripts and more, to anyone who is an active user of Forefront.

Creating your Store and Sharing your items in the store

To create your own “Store” inside Forefront go to Settings, then Look for “Store Settings”

Once you are inside the “Store settingsyou can find 2 areas where you can name your Store and create a group to whom you want to share the Store contents.

Enter the Store name that you want and once you are done click on “Save Store Name”

After creating your store name, then we can start creating the “Shareable Group” click on ” + Shareable Group”

From here a new screen will pop that will allow you to add a Label for that Shareable Group, add a description if needed and if you are a Forefront Affiliate, you can also add your Forefront Affiliate ID!

With your Forefront Affiliate ID, you can create a Shareable group specifically for your referrals so you know what you are sharing with them, they will also show up on your shared with list.

Once that is completed, click on Manage beside the Shareable group that you created. A new screen will pop up showing all of these Shareable items.

  • Pipeline Views- If you have custom Pipeline views that you would like to share to them. (Note they do not have to have the same statuses as you. If they do not, then the statuses that they are missing will be installed also)
  • Follow up sequences- If you have created specialized Follow up sequences that has worked for you and wish to share it to specific Forefront users, you can do it right here.
  • Call Scripts- If you have created a custom call script that you wish to share you may do so in this section.
  • Snippets- Email, Notes and Text snippets can be shared as well.

To select the items you wish to share, just put a check beside that item and click on Update Items.

Once you have selected the items you want to share, the next step is to invite the people or team that you want to share this with.

Things needed for the invite:

  • Forefront Email address (the email address that they use to log into Forefront)

You will find a tab beside Shared items, Shared With, click on it and you will find the area where you can place the email addresses of the persons you want to invite.

You can also unshare it if you deem so by clicking the unshare button beside the user’s email address:

How to install and view your shared Items

Here is how the person you shared your items with can install or view what you shared with them!

On the left-hand menu click on store.

Inside there you will find multiple options that they can select. They can view the selected items that you have specifically shared.

  • Follow up sequences
  • Pipeline views
  • Call Scripts
  • Snippets
  • Forefront Shared Items
  • Shared items (From affiliates or other Forefront users)
  • Installed- Shared items they have installed
  • All

They can now install whatever they want and they will all show up accordingly in their Forefront CRM!

They just have to click on install, give Forefront a refresh to immediately see the changes, and check out what they just installed.

You can create your own store, and you can share a lot of items with specific people or groups, or your referrals, eventually, we in Forefront will also share items to you that you can check out and install as well!