Orphaned Leads

This article shows you a useful place to identify any lead that you may have forgot about after it’s been through a follow-up sequence.

What is an Orphaned Lead? This is a Lead that has gone through all steps in an automated follow-up sequence and needs the next action taken.

To find where your orphaned leads are click on “Follow up” and you will find the Orphaned Leads option under your Follow up sequences.

Once you find the Orphaned Leads option click on it and you will be presented with all the Leads in your system that has completed the full run of a Follow up sequence, and also for Follow up sequences where you specifically selected to Mark the Lead as Orphaned once the Follow up sequence completes its course.

If you wish to place back a Lead into your Pipeline from being orphaned, select the lead inside the Orphaned Leads list, once inside the lead on the top right corner you will find the button that says “Return to Pipeline” this will return the Lead from its previous status in your pipeline, in the example below, it was on New Previously before it was placed on a follow-up sequence.